Craig Kohlmeyer has been a freelancing CG Generalist in New York City since 2007.

Easily prone to boredom, he tries to explore as many different disciplines as possible. These include production talents of the three dimensional dark arts:

Animation, Modeling, Sculpting, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing. Toon style or VFX.

Or perhaps you’re more partial to 2D realms:

Character Animation, Motion Graphics, Pixel Art.

He can get into that heady stuff too:

Concepting, Visualization, Design.

Or straight up nerd down with a funkological stew:

Realtime Developer / Technical Artist for Mobile, Desktop, VR, AR, XR!

“Wait a tick!” you say, “Is this guy ever NOT working?!“
You bet! And in those times he’s staring into the sky, dreaming up ideas for video games he’ll never have the time to complete. Wild worlds filled with mutants! and space aliens! where we all learn a lesson along the way.

If only there were a privately wealthy individual or corporate entity that wished to fund such a production…

*cough cough* *click on the contact me section* *cough*